Twins' anniversary with shared boyfriend

Liz Tse

The self-proclaimed "world's most identical twins" Anna and Lucy DeCinque flew to Melbourne from Perth with their boyfriend Ben to celebrate their five-year anniversary.

The twins filmed their getaway and shared the video from their joint Facebook account, in which they said it was the third year in a row they visited the Victorian city.

"We're off with our partner Ben because it's a celebration of our five-year anniversary," the twins said.

"We always go to Melbourne to celebrate. This is our third year in a row. Can you believe how time flies?"

The twins with their boyfriend, Ben. Source: Instagram.

They added: "A lot of people thought it wouldn't last but it's going stronger than ever and we're happier than ever."

The glamorous pair filmed their reaction when they walked into their ritzy hotel room and told the camera they were off to drink and gamble.

Ben shares the love equally. Source: Instagram.

The 30-year-olds revealed in a controversial video earlier this year how they share a partner in the bedroom.

The video, titled We have SEX with the same man & how it works, explain how they take turns getting intimate with Ben.

The girls flew from Perth to Melbourne for their anniversary. Source: YouTube/Anna and Lucy.

"We’re all in the bedroom… but it’s all about Ben," says Anna, who is adamant nothing happens between her and Lucy.

"We don’t do anything with each other. We don’t kiss each other."

"There’s no jealousy. If Ben kisses me, he’ll kiss Anna straight away," says Lucy. "There’s never been any jealousy from day one."

After meeting through Facebook, Lucy and Anna fell in love with Ben, who also has a twin.

"Ben’s twinning and winning," says Lucy. "He’s getting double the attention, double the love, double the sex life."

The girls do EVERYTHING together. Source: Instagram.

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While the girls have dated separate men before, they say it’s never worked because they do everything together – from eating exactly the same amount and type of food, getting the same plastic surgery and even showering at the same time – but this situation works because Ben accepts them for who they are.

“We’re not ashamed that we’re in a three-way relationship,” says Lucy. Source: Instagram.

“We’re not ashamed that we’re in a three-way relationship,” says Lucy. “I think it’s beautiful. Whether you guys think it’s unnatural or not, good for you. This is our life, and guess what, we’re not hurting anyone and we’re doing what makes us happy.”

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