Innovative father can 'breastfeed' baby daughter

An innovative father-of-five has taken the internet by storm with his brilliant parenting hack that allows him to ‘breastfeed’ his baby daughter while his wife is at work. Devoted dad Anthony Favors, 31, from Buffalo, New York, USA, has captivated parents around the world with his adorable trick to soothe his fussy 10-month-old daughter Lily'ahna when his wife Shalanda Favors, 25, is at work. In a hilarious viral Facebook post that has racked up nearly 200,000 shares since Friday [MARCH 9], Anthony explains how he devised the genius plan of cutting a small hole in his shirt and poking the teat of a bottle, which is filled with his wife’s breastmilk, through the cut to make a ‘functional boob’.