Insanely easy microwave cleaning hack

Allison Yee

It ranks up there with scrubbing the toilet and binning mystery fridge mould formerly known as food, and cleaning the microwave is never a fun household chore.

If you’re like us and have food caked onto all surfaces on the microwave, don’t despair.

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A handy cleaning trick has been revealed and it means no more scrubbing and the ability to keep your manicure intact.

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All you’ll need is water and some white vinegar.

Yep, that’s it.

Simply put equal parts of both in a bowl – one cup of each is recommended – and place a toothpick or wooden spoon into the liquid, which is said to minimise the chances of your cleaning concoction exploding.

This easy hack will save you all the effort of scrubbing. Photo: Getty

Zap it for 10 minutes and carefully remove the bowl with oven mitts (it will be hot!), before using a sponge to easily wipe off all the food debris that will be loosened from the steam of the bowl.

Too easy!

If you’re after some other cleaning hacks, we’ve compiled some of the best from advice forum

There's a cleaning hack for everything - and we've found some of the best ones. Photo: Getty

"Clean the shower while you're in it. Gamechanger. Saves masses of time,” one mum commented.

"Storing duvet sets inside their pillow case. I was skeptical about this one but with four beds in the house it has a) made my linen cupboard tidier and b) means no more rummaging,” added another.

"Using the big IKEA bags as laundry bags. They are just the right size for a load of washing in a standard machine and you can fold them up and put them away tidily instead of having plastic baskets hanging around."

"Wash socks in a delicates bag so they don't get lost," one person said.

Keep your laundry clean by using big IKEA bags to store your clothes. Photo: Getty

"White vinegar for dishwasher rinse aid and cleaning mirrors/windows and mirrored surfaces like ovens and microwave," another said.

"Use clear nail polish on buttons - right over the thread. I've done this at the beginning of each school year and in 12 years, I've never had to sew on a button," another person said.

One person recommended putting a few drops of mint, lavender or rose oil in the vacuum cleaner so you're house will smell amazing after you hoover.

If you're not a fan of chemicals, white vinegar and lemon can be useful cleaning substitutes. Photo: Getty

"If you have cups that are stained with tea/coffee, put a little drop of bleach in and fill with warm water leave to soak for about 10 mins then wash, nice white shiny inside again. Slices of lemon in a bowl of water put it in the microwave, it steams and makes cleaning it easier also smells good too," one house proud woman commented.

"Dishwasher tablet soaked in boiling water, use this to wipe inside of oven door, wipe over with eraser cube. So quick, easy and it works," another person said.

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