Inspiring Secrets from LA’s Super Trainers

Lynda Brendish
Ally Hamilton. Photo: supplied.

Who: Ally Hamilton
Where: Yogis Anonymous
Ally Hamilton’s Yogis Anonymous classes have fans all over Los Angeles – and the world, thanks to her online yoga classes. Her second book comes out in August.

What are your classes like?
I like a sweaty flow, I need a physical challenge. I need that to quiet my body and move. And so my classes are mostly sweaty, challenging flow classes. I'm always trying to give people what they want, which is the sweat and the workout, but feed them what they need, which is the philosophical, emotional, psychological part of it.

Do you have a favourite pose?
I love a deep sweaty flow with lots of back bends. I love that feeling.

What do you love about yoga?
It’s kind of a whole person workout. It is your body, and your abs and your biceps and your butt, you know it’s also your heart and your mind and your psychological stuff too. I feel like you get it all. That’s what I really love. Somebody can walk in the door and put their mat down, and get right with themselves.

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Simone De La Rue. Photo: supplied.

Who: Simone De La Rue
Where: Body By Simone
Melbourne-born, LA-based Simone De La Rue created Body By Simone, her signature dance cardio fitness class, based on the training routine she developed throughout her Broadway dance career. Now her West Hollywood studio attracts fans including Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts and Chrissy Teigen.

What’s your favourite move?
It’s hard because there are so many! A great one – which doesn’t require any equipment – is you can just be on all fours and extend your leg behind you pointed in parallel, and fire some of your glutes to lift your leg up in arabesque and lower it down to the floor. You can do that about 30 repetitions on each side. That’s a great one to give you a perky bottom.

Ultimate workout advice?
I always say to people it's important to do something every day. You should have one day of rest, but every day do some form of exercise, even if it's only 10 minutes. I know we're all busy women, busy people so it's important to make sure you find the time.

Rise Nation. Photo: supplied.

Who: Jason Walsh
Where: Rise Nation
Jason Walsh brings the intense feeling of live concerts to his calorie-intense versaclimber fitness classes. Celeb fans of his conditioning workout include Bradley Cooper, Jon Krazinski, and director Eli Roth.

Ultimate workout advice?
Consistency. It’s gotta become part of your lifestyle, like brushing your teeth. I also think, don’t do everything at once. Make a commitment to four weeks and get into a routine, then the next four tweak that or get into a diet. Let’s not overload the body with too much shock.

Your healthy fitspo?
It’s changed throughout my life. I’ve just turned 40 and now it’s quality of life, it’s living pain-free, it’s ageing gracefully and ageing slower. [Working out] always been my meditation and my way of dealing with stresses in life.

Do you have a personal fitness philosophy?
Train smarter. Listen to your body. That’s what Rise Nation is really built on: efficient movements in a safe environment. More work, less time, safely.

Marnie Alton. Photo: supplied.

Who: Marnie Alton
Where: Barre Belle
Canadian Marnie Alton moved to Los Angeles as an aspiring actress but fell in love with teaching Barre fitness classes. Taught by the founder of the Bar Method, Burr Leonard, Marnie opened up her own studio in LA’s trendy District La Brea in 2014. Besides being Kate Hudson’s favourite barre class, Alton’s studio was also recently voted LA’s best.

What’s your favourite barre move?
I love doing arabesques for the butt. It’s my favourite because it feels really elegant and really strong and balletic. It’s really postural and you’ve got to get deeply connected in the core.

Advice for newbies?
There is no dancing, there’s no across the floor – you don’t need to be coordinated. It’s really about getting to know the smaller muscles in your body that you might have neglected your relationship with for a while. It really isn’t an intimidating space.

What’s your healthy fitspo?
What really makes me feel healthy is to keep my creative side awakened. It’s not just how many hours am I logging in the studio and how much I work out, or how much green juice I drink – because I do all that. But I’ll go to a museum, or a play or I’ll have a conversation with my girlfriend. For me those are the things I’m realising give me the motivation to wake up and go work out before I have to teach three classes.

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Lisa Moloshok. Photo: supplied.

Who: Lisa Moloshok
Where: Soul Cycle Beverly Hills instructor
SoulCycle’s candlelit classes have taken on a legendary status, attracting celebrities like Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham to their sweaty indoor cycling cardio parties. Lisa Moloshok is one of LA’s most popular trainers, named one of the city’s hottest instructors in 2012 by Racked LA.

What’s your favourite workout move on the bike?
Oh easy. I’m a big sucker for a good ol’ tap-back push-up!

What’s your ultimate workout advice?
Be patient with yourself. No matter where you are – in terms of activity [or] strength level – all you can ask of you is your best. Whatever that may be, that’s yours. Don’t compare it to anyone else. Be you. And be the best you there is!

Tips for healthy fitspo?
Moderation is key. Don’t deprive yourself. Plan your meals for the week. Hydrate yourself consistently. Move your body. And remember, struggle doesn’t make you less-than. It makes you human. The work, the push, the fight – it has reward. It’s your strength.