Is this a person or a doll?

Kristine Tarbert

We’ve seen way to many people taking drastic measures so they can look like a real-life barbie doll.

But this model seems to have been blessed with the look naturally, which had internet users completely confused.

Model Duckie Thot recently posted a picture on social media and people struggled to work out if it’s a real person or a doll.

The stunning South Sudanese model has all the hallmarks of the famous children’s toy – from her flawless skin, perfect pout and long legs.

Is this a person or a doll? Photo: Instagram

“Literally thought you were a Barbie,” said one dumbfounded user.

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“I won't believe she's real until I see her in person,” another added.

Duckie was on Australia's Next Top Model. Photo: Instagram

Duckie, who lives in New York, first found fame entering Australia’s Next Top Model.

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