Lipstick kiss inside toilet has internet freaking out

Kristine Tarbert

Seeing lipstick on the inside of a toilet bowl is definitely the last thing you expect when going to the bathroom.

But now a photo of exactly that is doing the rounds online and the internet is officially losing it.

Posted to Twitter by user @ClawedHumour the image clearly shows lipstick marks, made by lips, on the toilet, not 10cm from the water level.

How did this lipstick kiss get there? Photo: Twitter

It was captioned ‘Stranger Things – 2018’ and has sparked a host of theories as to how it got there.

We’re not quite sure ourselves what to think, but the reactions are none-the-less hilarious.

The image has since been retweeted over 5,000 times and has almost 10,000 likes.

While some people suggested the woman was maybe too drunk and ended up with her head over the toilet bowl, others came up with some different explanations, which we probably prefer.

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