Your iPhone has a 'boobs folder' of your pics

Kristine Tarbert

It turns out your smartphone has been keeping secret folders of all of your photos, and the internet is freaking out about it.

Twitter user ellieeebwu made the discovery that searching the word bra or brassiere in your photos will immediately bring up every boob, nude or cleavage pic you’ve ever taken.

Understandably the tweet went viral with almost 14,000 retweets and 26,000 likes. Users everywhere started sharing their results of their bikini and lingerie pics, and the more risqué selection.

Your phone has been saving hour boob pics. Photo: Getty

Even Hollywood mum Chrissy Teigen was shocked to find out what her phone could do, taking to Twitter to share her results when she searched brassiere.

Tweeting her photos she said the folder included ‘every boob or cleavage pic’ she’d ever taken.

There is a technical explanation for this, according to The Verge. When Apple released iOS 10 in 2016 they added image recognition to its software.

So basically, that means the Photos app works out what’s in your folders and stores that data – privately – on your device.

There are thousands of keywords you can look up although the function hasn’t been perfected yet.

We’ll just leave you to have a little search.

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