Irate traveller creates bomb scare over bag

A seething traveller whose bag made it on to a flight when he was bumped off caused a massive security scare when he ranted about a “bomb”.

According to the New York Post, Eran Hess and his family had arrived in Newark from Tel Aviv earlier this month and was told by United Airlines his connecting flight to Miami was overbooked and they could not fly.

But what enraged him most was that his suitcase had already been loaded on the plane and staff told him it could not be removed.

The paper quotes a source who says the 44-year-old Israeli tourist turned to an airline employee and said: “I’m going to go over there and tell the TSA I put a bomb in my bag and get my bag back.”

He, his wife and two children apparently then disappeared into the crowd, causing at least a dozen airport police to embark on a full-scale manhunt.

Meanwhile the United Airlines flight to Miami was told to abort its take-off and return to the gate for inspection.

All 167 passengers and six crew members had to disembark and were delayed close to three hours as every checked bag was offloaded and sniffed by explosive-detecting dogs.

Hess was later found at a different terminal trying to board an American Airlines flight to Florida, the Post reports.

He has been charged with “creating a false public alarm”.

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