Is Bachelor winner Laura pregnant ALREADY?

Rebekah Scanlan

She was only crowned the winner of The Bachelor 2017 - and the owner of Matty J's heart - last night.

But have the loverbirds already taken their whirlwind romancce to the next level?

Just a couple of cuties, in love. Source: Instagram

While talking to Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa earlier, the smitten kittens may have just revaled they're expecting.

Wait, WHAT?

Matty J and Laura make it offish with a kiss. Source: Channel 10

When asked by the comedy duo how long they would wait before thinking about starting a family, Laura, 30 said: "But I'm 4½ months pregnant now right?"

Looking to her beau who was sat beside her, it became apparent the pair were joking when Matty J burst out laughing.

There seems to be a LOT to celebrate. Source: Channel 10

Still, the former bachelor looked rather surprised by the shock comments of his new lady.

Matty Johnson, 30, chose Laura as the woman of his dreams last night in a sensational finale of season five of The Bachelor, sending a devastated Elise home with a heart full of unrequited love.

Poor Elise looked heartbroken. Source: Channel 10

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The pair have been revealing lots of deets on their relationship. Source: Channel 10

The pair are now excitedly beginning a new chapter of their lives together, and have already been revealing details of their first steamy night together. Ooh er!

Wonder what your mum Ellie thinks of Laura's baby comments Matty?

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