Is Miu Miu model too skinny?

Annabelle Sheldon

Britain is in uproar after Italian fashion Label Miu Miu was allowed to release an ad campaign showing an emaciated looking model.

The image in question, from the brands spring/summer 2011 range, features 23 year old Polish model Kasia Struss, sitting in a chair in front of a mirror holding a handbag.

The Advertising Standards Authority, who received multiple complaints about the negligent ad which shows a ‘significantly underweight model,’ cleared the Italian label on the basis that they had not breached social responsibility guidelines

“The ASA noted that the model in the ad was slim, and that the lighting effects, make-up and low-cut dress emphasised her body shape. However, we considered that the ad was typical of those used for fashion products and that the model did not look significantly underweight. We therefore concluded that the ad was not irresponsible,” the ruling stated.

A spokesperson for Prada, the Italian house that owns Miu Miu responded to the complaints stating that they were “always concerned for the welfare and health of their models and always endeavored to employ healthy models."

The Prada spokesperson also noted that Struss, who is one of the world’s top fashion models, is 5ft 10ins and is ‘naturally tall and slim.’

"Ms Struss' hair was slicked back and she was wearing nude make up with bright red lips ... the lighting used for the photograph bounced straight off Ms Struss' body so as to highlight her features and pale skin."

The company also said that the photographs of the model from the back and side show ‘she is not significantly underweight’ and the campaign was shot as ‘high fashion.’

But is this really a reason for the fashion label to use an extremely skinny model which young girls will aspire to look like? Would you want see this image on a billboard or in a magazine?

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