Is this Calvin Harris' new love interest?

Leah Cohen

Once loved up and inseparable, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris now seem to be doing just fine without each other.

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Taylor has swiftly moved on with Tom Hiddleston, already introducing the English actor to her parents.

Now Harris is making it loud and clear that he’s completely over the Bad Blood singer, steering well away from celebrities, and in particular, blondes.

The 32-year-old Scottish DJ was caught getting snug with a stunning brunette at a club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The Summer hitmaker was spotted in the VIP area of the nightclub El Squid Roe chatting up the brunette bombshell, who couldn't seem to keep herself from giggling.

Harris recently revealed he is staying far away from the celebrity circle when it comes to women. Photo: Getty Images

If one brunette wasn’t enough, Harris was in fact surrounded by beautiful, brown-haired, olive skin women who all looked absolutely besotted with the DJ.

Are these the same girls the star was surrounded by on the yacht as seen in his recent Snapchat photo a few days ago?

Calvin Harris posted a snap chat of him surrounded by brunettes on a yacht in Mexico. Photo: Snapchat

Despite all the sexy ladies around, it was the one in the tight black top that Harris kept going back for.

Is this his new Mexican lover?

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