Is this the first flying sports car?

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Is this the first flying sports car?

Photo: HondaJet

Have an extra $4.5 million to spare? You could be one of the first owners of Honda’s new business jets.

The Federal Aviation Administration has officially certified the Japanese car maker to create HondaJet.

“We have approximately 25 aircraft on the final assembly line,” said Michimasa Fujino, CEO of the Honda Aircraft Company. “Our target is to ramp up as quickly as possible.”

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Fujino is already calling the jet a “flying sports car.” How does a car maker innovate a plane?

According to reports, the Honda jet engines would be mounted above the wings instead of on the rear of the fuselage which would create less drag in flight. It could also mean more room in the cabin.

Bloomberg has the full inside scoop and it sounds pretty fancy.

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“With leather seats for as many as seven passengers, the company bills HondaJet as the fastest, quietest and most fuel-efficient jet in its class. The plane made its maiden Japanese flight in April after three decades in development. Its jet engines are located on top of the wings, increasing fuel efficiency by about 15 per cent and freeing up about 20 per cent more cabin space than in comparable aircraft, according to the company.”

The company is targeting high net worth business people and says they have already had more than 100 orders that they expect to deliver in 2016.

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