Is this the most haunted town in Australia?

Allison Yee

It’s the Aussie town that’s recorded so much supernatural activity, a team of dedicated ghost hunters have set up shop there permanently.

And faint-hearted visitors should strike the Queensland town of Toowoomba off their travel bucket list, with reports it’s one of the most haunted places in Australia.

Kylie Samuels works as part of Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, which established a Facebook page in 2010 to share all the eerie and unexplained happenings around the town.

The Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page has examples of spooky sightings around the town. Photo: Facebook

“I know what I’ve seen and felt and heard,” she told Domain. “We always try and find other explanations for ghostly photos or videos, but sometimes they’re just unexplainable.”

They’re not the only locals who want to get to the bottom of the spooky sightings, which reportedly first started with a ghostly encounter at the Royal Bull’s Head Inn in 1909.

Kylie Samuels and Allison Thompson are two members of the ghost hunting crew. Photo: Facebook

Toowoomba man Aaron Milligan has made it his mission to find the town’s notorious ‘lady in the red dress’, who some claim is deceased resident Elizabeth Perkins who passed away in 1944, while others say she is the spirit of an 11-year-old girl named Angela.

'A lot of people have been killed at that [train] station - in the 1920s and that sort of time, a lot of people were hit by trains,” Aaron told the DailyMail.

The 'lady in red' is one of the known spirits to frequent the town. Photo: Facebook

“Elizabeth Perkins is one of them, so we went there are ran through the names of some of the people; when it got to her, the K2 meter [used to detect electromagnetic energy] lit up and then I asked if it was Elizabeth Perkins. Then there were footsteps and she definitely walked past.'

Don Talbot, author of 'Ghostly Tales of Toowoomba', reveals at least 50 ghosts call Toowoomba their home, ranging from Lady Grey who frequents the halls of St Vincent’s Hospital, to young pregnant maid Maggie Hume who poisoned herself in 1891.

“[Lady Grey] was first seen in the medical ward in the late 1970s and assists patients when staff are not around. Her presence has been recorded by nursing staff and patients,” Don told Domain.

It might look quietly suburban, but there have been numerous eerie occurrences reported in Toowoomba. Photo: Getty

For all the ghost enthusiasts, there’s non-believers as well.

Beris Broderick is one such naysayer, with the Toowoomba Historical Society member denying the claims.

“Of course there are a scant number of believers of the paranormal, however the vast majority of sensible people are sceptics,” he told the publication.

It’s not just this Queensland town ghost fearers should avoid, with Maryborough another hotspot of paranormal activity.

There have been over 50 sightings of ghosts in Toowoomba. Photo: Getty

Sightings and odd occurrences happen regularly, with paranormal investigator Kade Jones telling the Fraser Coast Chronicle about an encounter he had after spending the night at the Maryborough Military and Colonial Museum and City Hall.

“There were bangs coming out of there, and we wandered in to take a look,” Kade told the publication.

"We started doing some voice recordings, and all you could hear was this really deep breathing. I thought it was one of the other two with us.

"During the third recording, we asked for names and what happened to this person, and when I asked him if his name was lieutenant-colonel Wilson, I heard a grunt.”

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