Is this the tiniest hotel room in the world?

Kristine Tarbert

When rocking up at a hotel the rule ‘you get what you paid for’ generally applies.

But even after paying just $30 for a stay in Hong Kong, this bloke did not expect to walk into this exceptionally compact room.

“I went to spend one night in Tsim Sha Tsui, part of Kowloon in Hong Kong,” Youtuber GLOBIK captioned the video he shared online.

All sides of the bed touched a wall. Photo: YouTube
The bathroom was only a toilet, sink and shower head. Photo: YouTube

In the footage above, which was filmed during his stay in Chungking Mansions in November last year, GLOBIK says he believed he’d stayed in the smallest hotel room there is in the area.

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen anything so tiny.

Walking through one door, he enters a hallway which includes a shared kitchen with other guests in this hall. But it’s nothing more than a bar fridge and a microwave sitting on top.

Then he opens another door and enters his room revealing a tiny bed that is actually touching all four walls of the room. Yep, the room is basically as big as the bed.

The bathroom is the shower. Photo: Youtube
The bed is too tiny for him. Photo: Youtube

Miraculously there is a bathroom. Although it’s a toilet and a sink and a shower head, yes, just a shower head with the whole room then acting as the shower.

Remember to take the roll of toilet paper out of the room before you shower.

In the footage, the budget traveller explains that the hotel used to be a residential building but now is made up of budget hotels.

All up there are 1,980 guest houses, the highest number of rooms inside one building in Hong Kong.

This is what you'd actually expect from a budget room. Photo: Getty

And judging by the comments, not many others have seen a room this small either.

“Never been in a hotel room that small,” one person commented. “I have been in quite a few jail/prison cells and I dare say they were even bigger than that room. Before you ask, yes I am the one with the keys to them as well.”

“I've been all over SE Asia and never seen one smaller than that room,” another person wrote.

“That's the smallest hotel room I've seen. Surprised they had a bathroom,” added another.

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