It's official! We know who Jon Snow’s dad is now for sure

Jennifer Fletcher


It’s official!

We’ve been wondering who Jon Snow’s real parents are in Game of Thrones for quite some time now, but it seems after the revelation about his mother in this week's finale, some people are still wondering who his real dad is! (They clearly know nothing!)

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Jon Snow. Photo: GOT

No, Ned Stark didn’t father his sister Lyanna’s baby! And for those non believers, HBO have confirmed that Jon’s dad is 100% Rhaeger Targaryen to clear up any confusion.

In fact, they published a graph showing GOT characters' parentage and their family relations.

Ned finds his sister Lyanna in the Tower of Joy. Photo: GOT

A clear "parent" line is pointing from Rhaegar to the new King in the North, finally confirming the R+L=J theory.

So there you go, Jon is a Targaryen. The graph also reveals that his mum Lyanna was with abducted and didn’t run off with Daenerys’ older brother.

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