TV host 'shames' woman who claims she had sex with 20 ghosts

Allison Yee

She claims to have given up on men after having sex with ghosts, but one British woman didn’t quite get the reaction to her paranormal encounters she was expecting when she told all on British TV.

Amethyst Realm claims she had her first sexual experience with a ghost when she moved into a haunted house with her fiancé in 2005.

“I started to feel a presence around the house,” she told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Amethyst claims to have slept with 20 ghosts. Photo: ITV

“It never felt scary, it felt comforting.”

With her partner frequently going away for work, the 27-year-old decided to wait for the ghost wearing a “sexy negligee” one night, with the spirit coming to her - and the pair having sex.

“You can still feel it,” she said. “Kind of a weight but at the same time weightless, and there’s physical breath and stroking.”

The affair continued for three years, until her husband caught her in the act – and Amethyst now says she’s given up real men for supernatural lovers.

Amethyst admits she’s “got no interest in men now” and has even researched the possibility of having a ghost child with one of her night visitors.

TV hosts Phillip and Holly clearly struggled with the idea of having ghostly lovers. Photo: ITV

However TV host Phillip wasn’t keen on the idea, with The Huffington Post even accusing him of ‘spooky slut-shaming’ with his comments.

“I should imagine you have got quite a name for yourself in the spirit world,” Phillip said during the show. “I would imagine they would be keen to visit you.”

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