Jackie O turns fat-shaming tables on Kyle

She’s usually on the receiving end of Kyle Sandiland’s weight jibes, but Jackie O turned the tables today, taking aim at her co-host’s generous derriere.

The 42-year-old didn’t hold her tongue during a chat with gossip guru Richard Reed, who was talking about the “Sydney” trend for skin-tight trousers where “your ass looks like it’s about to explode out of your pants at any second”

“Have you noticed that Kyle? I’m sure you have,” Richard asked the star.

Jackie O joked that Kyle's got a bum 'like a shelf'. Source: Diimex
The star has previously said he weighs 138kg. Source: Diimex
He freely admits he's carrying junk in his trunk. Source: Diimex

“Oh yeah, I’ve got a black woman’s butt,” Kyle, 45, admitted, much to Jackie’s delight.

“He does! It’s like a shelf that thing!” she all-too-readily agreed.

Not that Kyle was fazed, admitting, “I’ve got an apple arse, you can put a bloody can of beer on my arse, I can run down the street and I wouldn’t spill a drop.”

The shock jock was pictured with girlfriend Imogen Anthony last weekend. Source: Diimex
Kyle's known for fat shaming Jackie O live on-air. Photo: Instagram

Richard could hardly hide his awe at the candid confession, replying, “Are you like Kim Kardashian? Oh wow.”

Kyle’s certainly never been shy about discussing his body, admitting last November that he’s put on so much weight that he has to walk sideways down airplane aisles.

“I used to be able to squeeze past an air hostess on a plane, but now... I've gotten so big I can't,” said the KIIS FM radio host, who weighs 138kgs.

Later the same day, the controversial media personality shared more details about his unhealthy habits with Robbie Williams.

The radio host admitted he'd never stop smoking. Photo: Getty Images

“Are you on a diet? What are you doing?” Robbie asked Kyle, who admitted to downing Coca Cola before 9am.

“I'm doing a glass of Coke here,” he said, before adding: “I'm a smoker. I don't drink alcohol. But I'm a bit of a mess.”

Last year, Kyle appeared on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show and stripped off his t-shirt for the breakfast show’s viewers.

“This is an Australian man,' he declared as he rubbed his belly, joking that host Larry Emdur wasn’t “a real man” after being crowned as Men’s Health Celebrity Man Of The Year for losing 13kgs.

However, the radio host admitted to the TV presenters he’s aware of his weight and the problems he may face if he doesn’t make lifestyle changes.

He drinks a can of Coca Coca before 9am. Photo: Instagram

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“I think I am going to have to do something about the weight,” he admitted.

“I am a mess and would like to live a bit longer,” he added.

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