'I’ve spent $30,000 to look like a doll'

Kristine Tarbert

When Jade Smith gets up every morning she transforms herself into a real-life doll.

From Cinderella heels to a six-metre long Rapunzel wig, Jade from Surrey, UK, has spent thousands of dollars to look like a doll every day.

Known as Jadette online, she said she was 11-years-old when she first became interested in the Japanese anime scene.

Jade 'Jadette' Smith looks like a doll. Photo: Barcroft media

“I started cosplaying and at my first ever convention I discovered Lolita fashion and from then on it’s just grown,” Jade told Barcroft TV.

Jade explained that her obsession means it can take her anywhere between four-six hours to get ready depending on what outfit she has choses.

It can take her four-six hours to get ready. Photo: Barcroft media

“I wake up, put lenses in, put lashes on and put makeup on,” she said. “Then do wig or style my hair. Pick my outfit, add glitter sequins and diamantes then I’m done.”

“I wear this outfit every day expect for when I’m at work.”

Jade started dressing up when she was 11-years-old. Photo: Barcroft media

Looking into her wardrobe Jade said the only casual piece of clothing she owns are jeggings and she wears them to work. She also doesn’t own any joggers.

All up she estimates to have spent a whopping $18,000 just on her clothes alone. Her Cinderella costume for example took her one week to make and cost $700.

Jade suffers from a condition called fibromyalgia, which is similar to arthritis but affects her entire body. She said it’s very painful to live with and this is one thing to help her cope.

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