James Blunt's best Twitter clapbacks

Rebekah Scanlan

British singer James Blunt has left Twitter in stitches after a recent shopping trip.

The Your Beautiful crooner has long been famed for his witty sense of humour and his most recent post definitely didn't disaapoint.

He sings and he will have you in hysterics too. WHAT A MAN! Source: Getty

After sharing a photo captioned: "Dis where I get ma hoes" Twittersphere errupted with pure respect for the song writer's hilarity.

James Blunt has been dubbed the

James Blunt emerged as an unlikely star of Twitter back in 2014, when he responded with the BEST clapbacks ever to users who publicly expressed their dislike for his music.

Oooh, burn! Source: Giphy

Since then he's continued to own his crown and roast some of his haters as well as some of his most loyal fans.

Here are some of his truth bombs that really made us LOL!

He sings soppy love songs, but he's definitely not soft. Source: Getty

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James recently asked Twitter if they'd seen his Sesame Street cameo, when everyone was raving about Ed Sheeran on GoT. Source: Getty

As well as burning his haters spectacularly, he's also super funny.

This was probably the tweet of 2016!

Well played James! We salut you.

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