'Put on a bra': Tziporah's wardrobe fail

Sarah Carty

She may have brought a floating flamingo into the jungle as her luxury item, but fans reckon a more practical item should have been in Tziporah’s suitcase.

The former model became the talk of the online world last night with avid I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! viewers urging the woman, who once went by the name Kate Fischer, to put on a bra.

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Hundreds of people took to Twitter to voice their concern about Tziporah, who was engaged to businessman James Packer, letting it all hang loose on TV.

Fans urged Tziporah to put on a bra during last night's episode of I'm A Celebrity. Photo: Channel 10

“Unfortunately some celebs thought bras were luxury items and didn't take them into the jungle this year,” one person said.

“#ImACelebrityAU oh dear god, please put a bra on,” a shocked viewer stated.

“Kate put on a bra!!!! #ImACelebrityAU,” another person Tweeted.

Meanwhile one fan said he was wishing someone in camp was crocheting a bra for Tziporah to wear.

The former model became a hot talking point on Twitter. Photo: Channel 10

Tziporah made her entrance into the African jungle on Monday night with radio host Steve Price making his feelings on the star known.

The radio host couldn't hide the disappointment on his face when the 43-year-old arrived, and it wasn't long before he took a swipe at the former model's weight gain.

Following a challenge, some contestants were given access to a selection of luxury items, and when Tziporah pulled out an inflatable flamingo, Steve didn't hold back with his bold remarks.

The look on Steve Price's face when Tziporah Malkah (Steve Price) arrived in the South African jungle on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here on Monday night. Source: Channel Ten

"Tziporah on a pink flamingo floating around that waterfall... boy, that's gonna be the money shot," he said, with a somewhat sarcastic tone.

Tziporah's arrival on the show came just moments after Steve had said he'd hate for her to join them in the jungle.

When speculating which celebrities would arrive next, comedian Nazeem Hussain said: "I heard it was Kate Fischer".

"For Christ's sake, do not wish that on us," Steve responded.

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