Japan’s Insta-famous giant pancakes have landed in Sydney

Shannon Aldwell

The legends at Harajuku Gyoza Potts Point have heard your desperate pleas and are finally adding these ridiculously fluffy pancakes to their menu for a limited time only.

Harajuku Gyoza is no stranger to novel Asian desserts. They were the same chain that brought the endlessly trending raindrop cake from New York to Australia.

Now they are taking inspiration from Café Gram in Toyko and introducing the fluffiest and puffiest pancakes you could ever dream of, to our Sydney-side bellies.

Harajuku Gyoza brought the 'raindrop' cake to Australia after in started trending globally. Source: Facebook/HarajukuGyoza
Cafe Gram in Japan make these epic giant Japanese pancakes. Source: Instagram/fumifiore

The pancakes are made using a meringue mixture that is cooked to fluffy perfection for roughly 12 minutes. They are then branded with the cutest smiling Gyoza, which will really bring your Instagram snap to a whole new level.

The cutest little Gyoza is smiling back at you. Source: Supplied
You can't have pancakes without some maple syrup. Source: Instagram/harajukugyoza

Three of these thick pancakes (each roughly 5cm in height!!) are stacked and served with Nutella sauce, a dollop of cream, fresh banana and a healthy serve of maple syrup.

Now you’re ready to get the ultimate Instagram – the boomerang of the pancake wobble.

Look at that wobble. Source: Harajuku Gyoza

Harajuku Gyoza in Potts Point Sydney will be serving Japan’s soufflé pancakes every Sunday. Plan your visit now!

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