Jason Derulo talks sex and fivesomes!

Jennifer Fletcher

He may sing about ‘talking dirty’ to women, but Jason Derulo says that his bedroom talk is a relatively new thing!

In a hilarious Carpool Karaoke interview with James Corden for The Late Late Show, the 26-year-old Hip Hop star admits that he used to be silent while having sex.

Jason Derulo & James Corden

Jason Derulo & James Corden. Photo: The Late Late Show

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“You know what’s actually crazy, in my younger years, I never would speak like that [during sex],” he tells James, 37.

“[I was] just kinda silent, until this one girl told me it was weird.”

“So now you're full vocal,” James added.

Jason Derulo. Photo: Getty

The Late Late Show host then asked the singer, who used to date Jordin Sparks, if he’s become more confident in the bedroom since his quiet days, to which Jason reveals he’s bought a huge circular bed that can fit many people in it!

“What’s the most about people you’ve had sleep in your bed?” James asks astounded.

“I would say about... five, including me,” Jason answers embarrassed.

“I don't even know where I would purchase a round bed,” James adds. “Where do you buy the sheets from?!'