Jason Dundas reveals Ryan Seacrest 'saved' his career

Rebekah Scanlan

He didn't walk the catwalk at the David Jones Spring/Summer show earlier this week.

But while Jason Dundas hasn't let losing that reputable gig affect him, there has been a time when the TV presenter's career wasn't going so well.

Jason Dundas opened up to Be about a celebrity who 'saved' his career. Source: Getty

Opening up to Be exclusively at the launch of Invisalign's latest campaign, Jason revealed that an unlikely celeb helped him become the talented man we know today.

"When I was 20, I won a contest to host a show on MTV and I had no experience in television," the dishy 35-year-old said. "About a month into the job they said 'we're going to let you go, you’re hopeless!' and I was really upset."

The 35-year-old has a killer body and and has recently become an ambassador for Invisalign. Source: Getty

After being given a chance to turn things around, Jason went home determined to be "bloody good at this."

And it was American reality TV host Ryan Seacrest who came to our Aussie hunk's rescue.

"I looked for people who inspired me, and Ryan Seacrest had just started American Idol and he was ruling it so I watched everything he did religiously," he said. "I imitated and copied and used the way he interviewed and talked, even down to how he held the mic and his cards. He was a huge inspiration to become that TV host."

The X-Factor host said he 'imitated' Ryan Seacrest and it got him to where he is today. Source: Getty

Reflecting on how the former David Jones model ultimately followed in his footsteps, he said: "Ryan Seacresy saved and created my career, it’s crazy."

Since then, Jason has gone on to enjoy huge success having walked numerous catwalks around the world, become the host of X-Factor and most recently, being named as the Australian ambassador for Invisalign.

After drawing inspiration from Ryan, Jason has gone on to follow in his footsteps as the host of X Factor Australia. Source: Instagram

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Just look at those gnashers! Jason's perfect teeth have inspired a partnership with Invisalign. Source: Getty

Jason, who was once complimented by singer Robbie Williams for his signature pearly white smile, had the orthadonitic treatment back in 2011 to correct his "crooked" teeth.

"There were times when I would smile and sort of withdraw," Jason said, talking of life before his perfect grin. "Now I enter the room and just don’t care, it’s like woo!"

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