Jay-Z remakes Friends with entirely black cast

Aletha Wilkinson

Jay-Z's dropped the latest video from his new album 4:44 this weekend and it's already blowing up the Internet.

While the entire video can only be seen on Jay-Z's own paid music platform, Tidal, he's released enough of it on social media to send fans into meltdown.

The video is a scene-by-scene recreation of a Friends episode, made with a black cast.

Gang's all here. Source: Twitter/Tidal
The original casting couch. Source: NBC

Rachel's there, grimly feeding the bath ducks.

Still not sure why she hated the ducks. Source: Twitter/Tidal
Hates them. Source: NBC

The umbrellas, they're in there.

Just like you remembered them. Source: Twitter/Tidal
Ah, yes. They're all white. Source: NBC

There's awkward dancing.

'Just follow my lead'. Source: Twitter/Tidal
'Is it weird that we're brother and sister?' Source: NBC

The only difference is the colour of everyone's skin. Just imagine if that wasn't even newsworthy.

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