Jennifer Aniston Crowned People's Most Beautiful Woman 2016

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Jennifer Aniston has been crowned the World's Most Beautiful Woman of 2016 by PEOPLE magazine.

The 47-year-old actress - who is known for her natural beauty regime and intense fitness routine - beat of stiff competition from the likes of previous winners Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford and Courteney Cox to secure the annual title.

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Speaking in this week's magazine, on which she graces the front cover, she said of her win: "It's funny, it's a really quick transition from not a care and now all of a sudden, we've got to really be mindful of what we put inside our bodies.

"And how we sleep and take care of ourselves. You can get away with a lot in your 20s."

This isn't the first time the former 'Friends' star has nabbed the title as she also secured it 12 years ago when she 35.

Aniston - who is married to actor Justin Theroux - managed to claw her way to the top in this year's competition after learning to take better care of herself over the years.

And Aniston - who has a portfolio of hit films as well as her 10-year stint playing Rachel Green - believes she owes her win to her old agent, who once told her she didn't get a role in a film because she was too "chubby."

She explained: "I was like, 'What?!' But my diet was terrible. Milkshakes and French fries with gravy [laughs]. It was a good thing to start paying attention."