Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale shoot down rivalry rumours

Sarah Carty

Ever since Megan Gale was appointed ambassador for David Jones and Jennifer Hawkins walked the runway for their rival Myer, the two have constantly been dodging feud rumours in the media.

However in their first-ever magazine feature together for Marie Claire, the pair have dismissed that there is bad blood between them, claiming it was something made up by the media.

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"It never existed. It was a fallacy," Gale said, while Hawkins added: "But it's ok because you know that's a part of the industry; that's the media doing their job."

Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale on the cover of Maire Claire magazine.

However Megan didn't agree with Jen's statement, claiming the pair were "roped" into the whole drama surrounding their relationship.

"It sucked in a way, truth be told, because you do all those weeks of shooting the campaign, you get ready and do this amazing show, and then in the paper it's just about the two of us hating each other and it's like, really?," she said.

Megan said the stories were based on a "feud that never existed" and both girls were thankful that their friendship was able to withstand the pressure.

Megan and Jennifer are pictured with designer Alex Perry and Marie Claire general manager Jackie Frank.

Both women have now joined forces are both judges on the next series of Australia's Next Top Model, with Megan claiming she's cried about six times on the show.

However they both still claim that Alex Perry is still the "bad cop" when the girls come to the judging table.

Jen posted the picture of the Marie Claire September 2016 cover to her Instagram page alongside the caption: "How exciting.. and what an honour to be on the cover of Marie Claire's September issue!