The Hype
Jennifer Lopez with boyfriend Casper Smart in Santiago, Chile this week.

The year is 1983, the city is Pittsburgh and the occupation is welding/dancing. Yup, if you have a love of '80s movies and hairstyles (namely Jennifer Beal in 'Flashdance'), you're in good company.

(L) J-Lo, Jennifer Beal in 'Flashdance' and Olivia Newton John in 'Grease'.

Which leads us to also reminisce about the golden curls of the newly badass Sandra Dee (Olivia Newton John) in the final scenes of 'Grease'. There was some height (and some hairspray) in that hair (this technically was 1978, but it's so close to the '80s it hurts)!

Jennifer and Casper attend Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas late last month.

Jennifer, 42, is touring South America this month with toyboy and back-up dancer Jasper Smar, 25, in tow. We're guessing the heat and humidity probably made the big and flirtatious style easier to maintain that her usual long and sleek tresses. Raised as a Roman Catholic, J-Lo is also probably familiar with the phrase "The higher the hair, the closer to God".

Either way, we're loving the oodles of curls and flirty volume.

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