Jesinta Campbell Responds To Criticism Of Her Logies Dress

Sarah Carty

Jesinta Campbell has responded to the harsh criticism she received after wearing a daring Camilla and Marc dress to the Logies Awards on Sunday night.

The 24-year-old David Jones model faced backlash after she arrived at the television 'night of nights' sporting a cut-out green sheath dress over a leotard, showing off copious amounts of skin.

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While Jesinta joked that even her fiancé Buddy Franklin thought her daring Logies dress was "a bit much", she's now hit back at online haters of the outfit, explaining exactly why she decided to wear the revealing dress.

Jesinta Campbell arrived at the Logie Awards in this stunning Camilla and Marc dress.

"Fashion never really used to mean much to me until l met a young designer, Tala Raassi. She grew up in Tehran, the capital of Iran, where women don’t always have a choice in what they wear. During a swimwear fitting I asked her the reason behind her career and how she came to be a designer and work in the world of Fashion," Campbell wrote in an Instagram post to her 339,000 followers.

"At 16 years old, Tala was invited to a house party with her friends. What should have been a fun and very normal experience for any teenager was something that changed Tala’s life forever. Not long into the evening, Government officials stormed into the house and arrested her alongside other guests.

"In Tahran, being uncovered as a women around the opposite sex was unacceptable so she was thrown into jail for 5 nights then sentenced to 40 lashes, across her back, because she was wearing a skirt and a t-shirt.

The back of the dress showed off a lot of skin, only a supermodel could get away with.

"It was through this experience that Tala realised that fashion is freedom. Being able to chose what you want to wear as a woman is a freedom that not all women have access to.

"From the day I met Tala my lack of thought and care for fashion grew into a strong passion. I am proud to work in the fashion industry and promote self expression and freedom of choice. Every day that I get I up I am grateful that I can chose whatever the hell I want to wear without the fear of punishment or violence or imprisonment.

"Tala, Thank you for opening my eyes to how important fashion and the freedom of choice is for all women!"

On Monday, Jesinta joked Buddy did not approve of her outfit choice and said he would prefer if she went to events completely covered up.

“Buddy said he thought this was, in his words ‘a bit much’,” she told on the red carpet.

“I think he would prefer me to be fully covered from head to toe but he is always so encouraging and he Face-timed me before I walked the red carpet, which is lovely.”

Jesinta also revealed that she had seen the Camilla & Marc number in a shorter version before asking the designer to create a longer design specifically for her to wear at the Logies.

“I saw this in black in a shorter version and I said can we please do this for Logies," she said.

"She [Camilla] sourced this fabric in Paris actually and it never got made into anything, so I feel really special tonight.”

Jesinta and Buddy became engaged in December 2014 after dating for two years.