Jessica Gomes flaunts her fab figure

Victoria Jones

Fresh off the plane from NYC to open and close Westfield's biggest ever runway show, we caught up with Jessica on the latest trends, her fave designers and why every woman should embrace their shape.

Why do you think you were picked as the face of Westfield?
Being curvy I represent a healthier role model for women and I have the personality to match! I’m back home from having lived in New York for 7 years so I’ve also built up an international following.

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How do you feel about being called a curvy model?
I am comfortable in my own skin and love who I represent so it’s great.

Do you think there is a lot of pressure on young girls to be slim?
Yes, there is obviously a huge amount of pressure to look good but I think there is a shift in direction to girls embracing their bodies no matter what their size – look at the Mad Men trend.

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What are your favourite autumn/winter trends?
Leather pants are soooo sexy and they keep you warm. Camel coloured pants and tops work really well with my skin tone too. Oh, and a scarf is a must for any winter outfit.

Any key pieces from you love?
Lisa Marie Fernandez is also fab, she designs incredible swimsuits (Jess, who is a regular in Sports Illustrated's yearly swimsuit issue, opened the show in a swimsuit from her new collection). Herve Leger creates amazing dresses for women. I closed Westfield’s style parade in a hot pink Herve Leger dress from Xile, it fitted in all the right places and hides any lumps and bumps.

Why are a lot more people shopping online now?
These days we are so busy there is often no time to go into stores so it’s great to be able to go into a one-stop shop like for all the latest buys. I also love and My Catwalk, which my friends and I are obsessed with!

As well as the new face of Westfield, you’re also an ambassador for Australian Fashion Week. Which designers are you most excited about seeing?
Josh Goot is so creative and invents the most amazing clothes so he is definitely one to watch – I reckon he’s going to be the next big thing internationally. Also love Camilla and Marc and Scanlan and Theodore. There are so many great Australian designers.

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How do Australian girls style differ from US girls?
We are hugely influenced by our environment, being by the beach we tend to dress a lot more casually.

How do you stay in shape?
I eat healthily, before a runway show or swimwear shoot I don’t eat carbs and eat lots of protein. I also have a trainer to keep me in shape.

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What would be your advice to women who aren’t comfortable with their bodies?
Learn to love them! Curvy girls can wear the latest trends now and designers are creating clothes that suit larger women – check out Alia for clothes that suit every shape. And remember beauty comes from the inside not the outside.

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