Jessica Mauboy Reveals The Painful Truth Behind Her Melbourne Cup No-Show

Australian sweetheart Jessica Mauboy made headlines earlier this week after she was reportedly dropped from singing the National Anthem on Cup day because she refused to wear Myer shoes.

However in an interview with Kathy McCabe, the star admitted that she had suffered a massive panic attack right before she was due to go on stage and was forced to pull-out of singing the anthem live on TV.

“Four minutes before I am about to be walked out from the green room, people on one side are bickering with people on another side and it started to suffocate me, it was crazy and I didn’t know what to do,” Mauboy said.

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“It was the scariest moment ever. Before every performance, you need at least half an hour to focus on what you are about to do, the walk-on and walk-off, the lyrics, how you are going to sing it, like the original or bring your own personal flavour to it, how are you going to make it the best," she continued.

“All I could feel was all the bad energy coming from people, time stopped and I could see it all going on around me, I could see me stuck on the lounge and I’m thinking ‘Why aren’t you getting up and getting going?’ It was really horrible.”

The stunning star was out and about on Thursday in Sydney, and naturally people were drawn to her feet. questioning whether or not she pulled out of the event due to her choice of footwear.

TheThis Is Love singer wore a mid-length denim skirt, a white t-shirt and a black blazer adorned with gold buttons, however she showed off some painful looking bunions on her toes, an infliction many Australian women suffer from.

Many stars who are often seen parading their feet in high heels suffer from bunions. Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker have also been pictured sporting large lumps on their feet.

Mauboy was replaced at the eleventh hour at the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday by Nadia Aya, who found out just minutes before going on stage that Mauboy would not be performing the National Anthem.

It was believed Mauboy didn't perform at the event after refusing to remove shoes that weren't sold in Myer stores, who are a main sponsor of the event.

In a statement to the Daily Telegraph, Mauboy's management said the singer has a 'miscommunication' with her stylist about her choice of attire.

"There was a lot going on yesterday and there was miscommunication with her styling team, unfortunately, by the time it was resolved the call time had been missed," Parade Management said. '

Mauboy took to her Twitter to apologise to fans who had shown up to see her perform.

"I was really looking forward to it and of all the days for things to go wrong, unfortunately this was the one," she said.

"Thank you to everyone for all the messages of concern, I am OK. I am so sorry I didn't perform at the Melbourne Cup yesterday.

"I am so sorry to everyone for the disappointment."