Jess Simpson shows off her curves in leather skirt

Emma Shepherd

Jessica Simpson made quite the exit as she stepped out of her New York hotel on Tuesday.

The 37-year-old turned heads as she showed off her long legs and her womanly figure while leaving The Bowery Hotel.

The gorgeous blonde turned heads in her leather skirt and curvy figure. Source: Getty

The mother-of-two looked chic rocking a red leather mini-skirt, some embellished cat-eye sunnies and some unbelievably blue-suede high heels.

She looked rather composed compared to her bizarrre Ellen interview a couple of months ago.

Leaving The Bowery Hotel in New York the mother-of-two made quite the exit. Source: Getty

The actress appeared on The Ellen Show in May earlier this year slurring her words and losing her train of thought.

She started talking about her daughter's mermaid-themed party, and it soon became clear that she was making no sense.

The singer shot to fame on Newlyweds in the 2000s, co-starring with then-husband Nick Lachey. Source: MTV

"Silicone tails,” she announced out of nowhere. "They had ... manhandlers. It’s not called manhandlers ... No ... they had to be carried if they had to pee ... cos they can’t pee on my children in the pool. They pick ‘em up, and carry ‘em ... It’s a, it’s a business."

Ellen was lost for words and attempted to change the subject by asking the blonde star, "So how long have you been with your husband?"

Jess was a little lost during an interview this week on The Ellen Show. Source: Ellen

"Seven years now. Well, coming on seven years. Well actually, seven. It’s a long time. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a seven-year relationship. Other than with a woman. Well, not that kind.” Jess rambled.

By that point Ellen looked completely lost.

Jess has been married to Eric Johnson for, er, how long? Source: Getty

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The pair chatted about Jess buying Ozzy Osbourne's house with Ellen saying, "But you have a recording studio in that house, have you written a song yet or are you only just starting?"

"I have about 38, so maybe 36, or 39 [songs],” Jess claimed.

Ellen seemed to get frustrated with the singer. Source: Ellen

"You DON’T have 38 songs. I doubt it,” said Ellen, clearly losing patience by this point.

Glad the Dukes of Hazard starlet has er... found her feet again.

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