Exclusive: The real reason John Cena was terrified to propose

Emma Shepherd

John Cena is a man best known for being the fearless tough guy of the WWE wrestling ring, who's never afraid of being in the spotlight or tackling any obstacle.

However when speaking exclusively with Be during theFerdinand press junket in Sydney, the wrestler-turned-actor admitted he has been afraid before; the moment before proposing to now fiance Nikki Bella.

Actor and former wrestler John Cena poses during a 'Ferdinand' media call in Sydney, New South Wales. Source: Getty

He explained that popping the question in front of a televised audience of 75,000 wrestling fans, could result in the reaction going either way.

"The WWE audience as you know sometimes can be a little excited both positively and negatively," the 40-year-old said. "I was worried about that the audience would have a negative reaction to what I did."

He explained, "If you go back and you watch that match the one before the proposal they didn’t necessarily like me that much and then when they found out I was making one of the boldest moves of my entire life, 75,000 folks showed respect."

"I was so very humbled and flattered by the great show of respect they had for a genuine moment," he told Be.

And it's not the only accomplishment Cena ticked off his list this year.

Starring in his first children's animation Ferdinand, the actor explained the reason behind choosing the film and his connection with the character and story that drew him in.

John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella on WrestleMania33 in April 2017. Source: WWE

"Ferdinand is a fighter, a fighting bull, he fights for who he is, and he’s a little bit miss understood, and he’s kind of typecast, because he’s a large bull, people except you to be hard, and I can relate to that."

This guy may be big, but he's got an even bigger heart.

Ferdinand hits cinemas on December 14, 2017.

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