This in-flight proposal will make you cry

Aletha Wilkinson

Flight attendant Lauren Gibbs was already excited when she boarded the plane to Detroit to Oklahoma City just before Christmas – after all, her boyfriend, Jon Emerson, was the pilot.

Marking the first time the airline-employee couple had ever flown professionally together, the auspicious occasion also happened to be their dating anniversary.

As Lauren, 23, from Nashville, Tennessee, was managing the cabin, she didn't seem altogether surprised to hear Jon, 24, mention her name during his pre-flight announcements to the crew and passengers.

Jon Emerson and Lauren Gibbs work together for a commercial airline. Source: Lauren Gibbs

"This is a very special day for Lauren and me," Jon told the passengers. "It’s our anniversary today and she’s one of our very best flight attendants.”

Pilot Jon proposed to his flight-attendant girlfriend Lauren on a plane. Source: Storyful

But she got the shock of her life when he continued.

“I want this day to be known for the rest of our lives," Jon said. "I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Getting down on one knee, Jon went on to pull a ring box out of his pocket as Lauren broke down into happy tears.

Lauren broke down as she realised what was happening. Source: Storyful

After sharing an emotional embrace with his new bride-to-be, Jon jumped back onto the PA system to let the rest of the cabin know what had happened.

Lauren and Jon have a hug before getting back to work. Source: Storyful

"She said yes!" he announced.

“I was caught so off guard,” Lauren told The Independent.

“Jon is a really quiet guy, with a very shy personality so for him to do it in front of passengers was so not like him, but for me it was perfect and so thoughtful. We spend almost all of our time together on planes and working together so the timing and place was absolutely perfect.”

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