Jonathan Pie Sounds Off on Trump and Putin at the G20

Fake news reporter Jonathan Pie wasn’t impressed with the coverage of Donald Trump’s first meeting with Vladimir Putin, which took place at the G20 Summit on July 6, stating that the two leaders had much more in common than meets the eye.

“They’re both narcissists, they’ve both clearly had work done, with varying degrees of success, they both have trouble with the English language, they both have an arsenal of about 7,000 nukes each and they both won the US election last year,” Pie said.

Pie continued his rant, highlighting the resignation of the "head of the independent Office of Government Ethics " as an indictment of Trump’s administration.

He then accepted that if Trump had to make a visit to the UK, the public should be able to pick his driver. Pie’s suggestion was Richard Hammond. Credit: Jonathan Pie via Storyful