Josh 'always planned to pull Kylie'

Leah Cohen

Joshua Sasse was reportedly determined to pull ex-fiancé Kylie Minogue the first night they met.

In fact, the British actor apparently had his eyes on the prize well before the pair were introduced on set of Galavant in 2015.

Josh tried to pull Kylie the first night they met in 2015. Photo: Getty Images

The 29-year-old’s co-star Vinnie Jones has claimed that Josh openly plotted to move into the same hotel that Kylie was going to be staying in the night before her arrival.

“I knew about them before anyone,” Vinnie told The Sun, “Joshua was moving into her hotel the night before she came - on purpose.

Vinnie Jones as Gareth in Galavant. Photo: ABC

“I said to him, ‘Am I the only one who’s got this?’ He said: ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘F*** off Josh’.

Vinnie, who played Gareth in the ABC show, went on to reveal what Josh’s pick up line to Kylie was.

Josh and Kylie met on set during Galavant. Photo: Getty Images

“His opening line to her was, ‘You do know all our guest stars have dinner with the star of the show of Galavant.’ He’s hilarious. She was on set quite a bit,” Vinnie said.

Galavant, in which Josh was cast as the main character and Kylie as the Queen of the Enchanted Forest, was canceled in May 2016 after its second season.

Kylie announced her split from Josh last Friday. Photo: Getty Images

Not only did Josh’s show flop, his engagement to Kylie was also called off after her growing suspicion about his ties with Spanish actress Marta Milans whom Josh worked closely with on the set of TV drama No Tomorrow in Canada last year.

The Aussie pop icon confirmed via Instagram on Friday that she and Josh had ended their 18 month relationship, 12 of which they were engaged.

Spanish actress Marta Milans. Photo: Getty Images

According to entertainment reporter Peter Ford, Kylie’s family are “celebrating” the former couple’s breakup.

"They're celebrating! They're thrilled! He was bad news,” he told KIIS FM radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O earlier this week.

"They always had concerns. Dannii is like a sniffer dog. She can suss out a bulls**t artist anywhere and she did not like him."

Dannii didn't like Kylie's ex Josh. Photo: Getty Images

Interestingly, Kylie’s family weren't the only ones who thought Josh was full of s**t.

Vinnie revealed to The Sun that some of his Galavant co-stars weren’t huge Sasse fans.

“Me and him were fantastic, but there were some of the others he didn’t like and he kept playing up.

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“It’s hard to remember some of the bulls**t he came out with because he was having a feud with a lot of them.

“I’d come home and in the morning it’d be, ‘Josh had done this, Josh had done that’," Vinnie said.

Kylie must be glad she got rid of that bad egg!

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