Can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

Rebekah Scanlan

He's the British singer best known for his modern rendition of Dancing On My Own after being discovered singing the Robyn track on a UK talent show.

However Calum Scott will forever be ingrained in our memory for something other than his amazing voice.

You see, I was the lucky member of team Be that got to chat to the singer whilst he's Down Under to promote his new album,Only Human.

Calum Scott, here at the Brits 2017, was in for a shock during his chat with Be. We have the photos to prove it. Source: Getty

After our lovely conversation — where we talked about everything from Callum's song You Are The Reason being used on Home and Away to his famous bestie Sam Smith and of course, being a proud spokesperson for the LGBTQI community — I asked for a quick photo. Being British too, there was no way I wanted to miss an opportunity to have a snap with a musician all my mates would be super jealous of.

On my way back to the office, I decided to have a look at the photos his publicist had taken and was horrified when I saw the results. Check them out below.

At first glance this photo of Be reporter Bex with Calum Scott looks innocent enough. Source: Supplied
Oh my GOD so embarrassing! Calum was a real gentleman though. Source: Supplied

Did you spot what's wrong with the photo?

Yup, that's right. My flies are down.

As wide as a door. Casually full on flashing Calum (soz!) Source: Supplied

I mean, not just a little bit either. My zipper is wide open and had been the ENTIRE time. Talk about embarrassing.

Of course, the whole Be team was in hysterics.

The singer found fame on Britain's Got Talent in 2015. Source: ITV

And when I flicked the photo around to my friends, one of them helpfully suggested I #cropthecrotch.

Urm, thanks?!

Cropping the wardrobe malfunction out felt like cheating. Source: Supplied

Luckily, the 29-year-old handled my wardrobe malfunction like a true gent and didn't make a fuss.

But still, OMG. I'm dying.

Despite suggestions to edit the evidence of my fly fail out, I realised I couldn't not share it with you guys.

Calum has also had his photo taken with Sam Smith. He didn't appear to flash him. Source: Instagram/CalumScott

You know you can always rely on Be to keep it real.

Btw Calum, I'm so sorry. I definitely didn't mean to flash you. I promise.

Calum Scott's debut album Only Human is out on March 9 2018 in Australia.

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