Discover What The June New Moon Means For You

Yasmin Boland
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Firstly, here are the New Moon times around the world.

New Moon at 15 degrees in Gemini
SYDNEY: June 5, 12.59pm
LONDON: June 5, 3.59am
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: June 4, 10.59pm
AUCKLAND: June 5, 2.59pm
PARIS: June 5, 4.59am

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The June New Moon takes place on Sunday, June 5 at 3.59am in the sign of Gemini
This is your peak manifesting moment of the month. If you really want to make a dream real, it might be worth dragging yourself out of bed to make your wishes just after the New Moon.

The Gemini New Moon
The first thing to note about this New Moon is its totally awesome potential when it comes to anything you want to manifest connected to love or money. In a very rare twist of celestial events, this New Moon is what's called 'partile' which is another way of saying 'in exact same degree' as the planet of love and abundance aka Venus.

This is really rare and really exciting. Astrologers the world over will be thrilled by this. Reason being, the New Moon is always a really positive force anyway, but to have this New Moon in the same place as the planet of romance and abundance, aka Venus, means it's a really rich and loving lunation! So how to make the most of it? Read on…

How to get all the goodness from this New Moon
The New Moon actually takes place in the wee small hours of Sunday morning. That's great for those of us who have the day off. It means we can do our New Moon manifesting at our leisure after waking on June 5!

The first thing to do is set aside at least a good 20 minutes. Next, have a think, pen and paper in hand, about what you want for yourself in general, make some notes or do some doodles, and then specifically what you would like to manifest for yourself to do with love and cash. No request to the Universe is too big or too small. The only thing is that you do need to believe that what you're asking for is actually possible.

Close your eyes and imagine the scenario(s) you're dreaming of playing out perfectly. If you like to doodle, doing a little drawing of your ideal outcome is an especially brilliant way of focusing your energy. Otherwise write your top ten wishes down and then see them all coming to fruition in your mind's eye.

If you want some help with this process, download our New Moon Manifesting + Info Sheets

Can't manage to picture your dream coming true?
Then you need to work on your self-belief. Remember, you have to believe it to achieve it.
Affirmation of the month "Every day in every way my life is getting richer and richer!

Does the idea of becoming richer somehow offend you? That's fine! However do be aware that if you think of money as "the root of all evil, you will energetically repel it".

The quote about money was never actually about money being the root of all evil anyway – it was about the love of money being the root of all evil. That's different.

But what's not to love about the holidays and presents and other delights that money can buy? This is worth thinking about this month.