Is this the most 'idiotic' TV show ever?

Olivia Morris

Some people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame nowadays, and it seems that includes letting someone else tattoo anything they want on their body.

The MTV show Just Tattoo Of Us, hosted by Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear seems to have baffled many Reddit users with some referring to it as a totally "idiotic" TV show.

The premise of the show is for friends, family members or couples to enter the London tattoo parlour with Charlotte and Bear, but the person being tattooed has absolutely no say in what it will be.

Charlotte must feel rather awkward a lot of the time after peoples' tattoos are revealed. Source: MTV
Wouldn't you just love this to be tattooed on your thigh? Source: MTV

And, as you'd guess, a lot of the time it seems people like to throw one another under the bus.

In a clip from the show above, a male has fingers with a penis tattooed on his rear end, as directed by his friend.

As you can imagine, the guy isn't happy at all.

He wasn't happy at all. Source: MTV

Many on the Reddit forum just couldn't understand why people would do it.

"I couldn't watch it," one person said. "What an awful show invented by awful people, featuring awful contestants, an awful host. And worst of all? Awful people who watch it for entertainment."

Another said they felt "uncomfortable" watching the show.

That is a pretty awful tattoo. Source: MTV

"I'm uncomfortable with the overall number and wide range of emotions I've just felt watching this," they noted.

And others simply referred to the show as "idiotic".

"This has got to be the most idiotic T.V show ever made," one person commented.

Let's just say you won't catch any of us on the show any time soon.

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