Bieber and Adele cause 'havoc' at Sydney mansion

Australia may be in a post-Adele and Bieber depression, but some people are glad to be rid of the two singers!

Residents of the Sydney suburb of Mosman will be getting a good night’s sleep after the “disruptive” stars rented the same mansion in swanky Coronation Street.

The mansion features an epic infinity pool. Source:

The Daily Telegraph reports that Adele and Justin both rented the house from businessman Cameron MacDonald, who is hoping the sell the luxe pad for $20 million.

The place has amazing views of Sydney. Source:

But the rental angered MacDonald’s neighbours before the famous tenants even arrived, with resident Lynette Elsegood reportedly calling the council several weeks as the property was prepped for “privacy”.

Adele angered neighbours for

“They put up scaffolding around the backyard with black sheeting, it blocked out everything, I believe that was before Adele arrived,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

The place has a super-luxe bathroom. Source:

“I rang and spoke to council to ask if they could do that. Council said it was for work being done to the property…eventually it was taken down.”

We'd settle in here for some Netflix and chill! Source:

Once Adele packed up her things and moved on to Melbourne, Bieber arrived, bringing with him hordes of screaming fangirls.

Justin kept the neighbours awake with his late-night partying. Source: Getty

Disgruntled residents made noise complaints after the pop star partied until the early hours.

“Partying until 3am in the morning isn’t the most pleasant situation,” a local who asked to remain anonymous told the publication. “We would have hoped the owner would have warned us about this, but nothing.”

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“Our streets were filled with big black SUVs and there were people all over the streets for days.”

MacDonald reportedly hopes to sell the mansion to a UK buyer. Hopefully for the neighbours’ sake they are the shy retiring types!

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