Awks! Justin Bieber Caught Complaining About 'Today' Show Cameras

Will Lerner, editing by Yahoo7 staff
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Justin Bieber was on Today to perform some music for the folks in Rockefeller Plaza, but in an unplanned moment started complaining on-mic about a camera he felt was too close to the stage during his performance of What Do You Mean.

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As Matt Lauer was tossing to commercial, the Biebs started bellyaching: "Next time I won’t dance, because the camera’s right here the whole time. Might as well not even dance. So what do I do this for…”

The shot then went to the commercial.

Justin Bieber performed a bevy of hits on the Today show. Photo: Getty Images

When they came back from the ad break, no mention of the outburst was made.

That makes sense: This would really get in the way of Justin’s new brand of humble, chilled-out nice guy. Never fear though: he got back on message later in the show.

Tamron Hall said, "I love that they say you’re back - you never left. You’re Justin Bieber.”

Bieber replied, "Well, I didn’t really leave, but I took some time to just do some soul-searching for sure."

Will Lerner writes for Yahoo TV