Biebs’ testicles at centre of new lawsuit

Olivia Morris

Things seem to be getting testy in the world of Justin Bieber as it appears his testicles are now at the forefront of a lawsuit.

Biebs' private parts appear to be at the centre of a new lawsuit. Source: Getty

Earlier this year, the singer was taken to hospital in Long Island after an accident while he was playing soccer.

Biebs headed to Northwell Health as he thought he had twisted one of his testes, but turns out he was just fine.

Hospital worker Kelly Lombardo has filed an unfair dismissal suit after she was fired for allegedly accessing Bieber's medical records. Source: Getty

However, a former employee at the hospital Kelly Lombardo reportedly accessed his medical record and was consequently fired.

She allegedly got a hold of the file after she heard that Biebs was taken to hospital for treatment for an STD.

The former hospital worker claims she was unfairly dismissed based on her gender. Source: Getty

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Now, the former hospital worker has filed a suit for being unfairly dismissed based on her being a woman.

Her lawyer David H. Rosenberg told the New York Post: “My client never accessed Mr Bieber’s medical file. She was falsely accused of doing so on account of her gender.”

The attorney also told the publication he and his client are both “looking forward to vigorously prosecuting” the case.

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