Aussie’s bikini booty trick

Bianca Soldani

Not everything you see on Instagram is as it seems.

Aussie bikini designer Karina Irby works hard to maintain her awesome figure, but she’s the first to admit that a couple of visual tricks help give her images that glossy Insta-finish.

Proving her point, the 27-year-old shared a photo of her booty where she used flattering light to make her cellulite disappear.

Karina Irby wants girls to know that Instagram isn't realty. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

“Afternoon light is basically trick photography,” she told her 730K followers.

“Remember, lighting plays a HUGE part in how images come out. 

“Direct light on the body hides cellulite and lady lumps whereas when the light is above you it highlights.... well.... everything”.

She's all about Instagram vs reality. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

Karina has previously stressed how important it is to ensure Instagram users, and young women in particular, are aware that the images they see aren’t a true representation of reality, and therefore it’s unfair to compare yourself to those standards.

“Every day I see overly edited images from personal pages and business pages,” she said in a poignant post last month.

“Along with those ‘perfect’ images comes a flood of women comparing themselves to a retouched image and tagging friends.

“From time to time I go out of my way to read these comments and go as far as visiting those girls profiles who are putting themselves down.

Nine changes were made to the original photo, can you spot them? Photo: Instagram/karinairby

“They are always such beautiful, unique women and I wish that they would see that too.”

She backed this up by posting two side-by-side images of herself, one that was completely un-retouched, and the other that was photoshopped to look ‘perfect’.

Going through the steps it took to get to the second photo, Karina explained that she had to airbrush out her cellulite and eczema scars, dramatically smooth her skin, lift her booty, narrow her shoulders and pull in her waist.

Her thighs, arms and neck were also thinned, her jawline sculpted and a couple of ‘glowing filters’ added.

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