WATCH: The head lice video that will leave you scratching

Kristine Tarbert

This young girl might have the worst case of head lice we've ever seen.

Be warned, watching this video will definitely leave you scratching at your scalp.

Source: Giphy

The video, uploaded by mum Karla Mendoza, shows her daughter Aranza’s head teeming with the little crawlies.

Karla explained that after trying countless treatments herself to get rid of the bugs she had to seek professional help.

Karla posted the video to Facebook. Photo: Facebook

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She ended up visiting a hairdresser to help free her daughter’s head of the lice infestation.

The mum visited a hairdresser to get rid of the crawlies. Photo: Facebook

Since it was posted the video has been viewed 41 million times!

But be warned, watch at your own risk.

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