Kate Fischer's rant about ex James Packer goes viral

Liz Tse

Clearly there's still some bad blood between Kate Fischer, now known as T’ziporah Malka and James Packer.

T’ziporah Malka has taken a dig at her ex-fiance in a bizarre Facebook rant.

"James Packer will do ANYTHING to continue to be associated with me! And who can blame him? The whole world knows that I’m the most interesting thing that had and will ever happen to him. Attention wh*re that he is," she wrote.

The former engaged pair. Source: Getty Images.

The pair were engaged for two years in the 90s.

James is currently engaged to Mariah Carey and has made no mention of his ex-fiance recently.

The former model has made headlines this past week over her dramatically changed appearance from the 90s.

After leaving the 'celebrity world', she converted to Judaism, and became a US citizen after relocating to LA.

T’ziporah Malka. Source; Facebook.

She has since moved to Melbourne to take up work as a part-time therapist in an aged-care facility, but insists her 'new' look is actually old news.

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"Hello! I've done a bit of a lengthy write up somewhere on this page (sorry - not techie at all!)," she wrote on Facebook.

Kate Fischer in the 90s. Source: Getty Images.

"When it comes to me, mine is the voice that you can trust. 'Kate got fat! Kate got fat! Kate got fat!' is older news than Moses. And anyway that's not my legal name anymore.

"Thanks guys for checking in with me. I'm no longer desirous of being a public figure but I've noticed a bit of interest in this page in the last 24 hours so I thought I'd say G'day!"

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