Kate Middleton was the ultimate mum at Pippa's wedding

Aletha Wilkinson

Duchess Kate's famously perfect composure came to the fore at her sister Pippa's wedding this weekend.

The mum-of-two deftly wrangled a troupe of flowergirls and pageboys without missing a beat – even when Prince George had a meltdown outside the church.

George's mini meltdown earned him a stern look. Source: Getty
The smile was back quickly, though! Source: Getty

George's naughty behaviour – nearly stepping on Pippa's dress, and bursting into tears when he was reprimanded – was no doubt the result of extreme overexcitement.

And Kate was perfectly able to settle the little ones when they got a little exuberant outside the church.

Ssssshhh! Source: Getty

Despite being outnumbered six to one, Kate successfully guided the children of the bridal party through the entire wedding.

Kate managed to herd all the children singlehandedly. Source: Getty
Kate and Princess Charlotte. Source: Getty

And she cracked a huge smile when she first saw Pippa in her finery.

Kate couldn't hide an enormous grin when she first saw her sister arrive at the church. Source: Getty
So elegant. Source: Getty

It was only moments before Pippa got some of Kate's mum-treatment, with the Duchess tidying her veil ready for the ceremony.

Even Pippa caught some of Kate's motherly ways when her veil needed straightening. Source: Getty
Still not perfect... there. Ready to go. Source: Getty

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