Kate’s unconventional school choice for Charlotte

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Take one look at the way Prince George and Princess Charlotte are dressed, and it’s hard to believe that Kate and Wills would do anything but follow royal tradition.

They’ve been at pains to follow their predecessors with replica outfits that honour the royals that have come before them, but when it comes to educating their children, this royal expert thinks the couple will do something rather different.

BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole, believes that now that two-year-old Princess Charlotte has started preschool, the Duke and Duchess are thinking about her future schooling and will likely carve out a route of their own.

They've been traditional in the way their dress their kids; here's Prince William (left) and Prince George (right). Photo: Getty
But Kate may have her eye on something less conventional for Princess Charlotte's education. Photo: Getty

"I think it most unlikely that Cambridges will follow any royal precedents,” Michael tells the Express.

He bases this opinion on Kate’s own school experience where she was bullied, and says she “has strong views about girls’ education”.

“They will research very deeply for Charlotte and may come up with a progressive alternative school that will establish new standards for liberal, whole-child education,” he predicts.

Proud mum Kate took these adorable snaps of her daughter. Photo: Instagram/kensingtonroyal

Michael goes on to suggest that the most likely candidate would be the King Alfred School in Hampstead, north London, “where the children of many famous people and indeed the famous people themselves have been educated in true sense of the word."

Unlike the all-girls boarding school Princesses Beatrice and Eugeine attended from age 11, this institution is co-ed and describes itself as “an informal independent day school”.

Their website says, “The school stands out from the prevailing educational environment as a school that achieves academic success without unnecessary pressures and social success through the development of relationships and responsibility rather than external discipline.”

Charlotte has already started at exclusive pre-school Willcocks Nursey, which costs thousands per term. Photo: Getty

Princess Charlotte currents attends Willcocks Nursey School, a female-led academy at the Holy Trinity Church.

The school, where tuition for its five-day program is about $15,000 (plus a $2,500 initial deposit), “strives to maintain its ethos for high standards, excellence and good manners,” according to its website.

It offers lots of “free play” for its 32 students, between the ages of 2 and 5 years old, who learn to read, write, and perform simple math with “the minimum of pressure.”

George went to a different pre-school to Charlotte and now attends Thomas’s Battersea. Photo: Getty

And parents can sign up for the “Lunch Club,” an additional learning experience with French lessons and activities like painting and drama.

Meanwhile her four-year-old brother George went to preschool at Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk, and currently attends Thomas’s Battersea in London, for children ages 4 to 13.

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