Thinspiration site slams Kate Upton pics

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Thinspo site Skinny Gossip has branded swimsuit model Kate Upton "well-marbled".

In a post featuring catwalk photographs of 20-year-old Upton as well as images from a burger ad, the model is likened to a cow.

In one particularly nasty jibe the author accuses Upton, pictured eating a burger, of cannibalism.

Despite what the author calls Upton's "lazy, lardy look", the Michigan model's curves have helped her become one of today's most popular swimsuit models, regularly appearing on covers of magazines like GQ and Sports Illustrated.

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The site's author, apparently a twenty-something former model from the US, is 170cm and claims to strive to keep her weight at 100lbs, or 45kg.

As well as levelling criticism at celebs judged to be overweight, the site publishes thinspiration images of skinny models and "starving tips" sent in by readers.

In a post dedicated to Lindsay Lohan's Marilyn Monroe-inspired Playboy shoot, the site calls the troubled star fat, with "big and porny" breasts, a bulging stomach, "chunky" thighs and "zero body definition."

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Despite the author's stated horror of "stuffing your face", the site is pegged as "pro-skinny" rather than "pro-ana" (short for anorexic).

The proliferation of thinspiration sites across the web, some of them pro-ana, prompted Tumblr and Pinterest to try to ban thinspo content in February and March this year respectively.

The thinspo community then reportedly shifted to photograph app Instagram, which quickly followed suit in specifically banning the "glorification of self-harm" and making hashtags such as #thinspo unsearchable.

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