Kate talks about THAT holiday with Leo

Olivia Morris

For years Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet have been subject to rumours of a romantic relationship but sadly the pair have always remained friends.

But that didn’t stop the world from going cuckoo crazy over snaps of the pair on holiday last month in the south of France.

Kate has clarified those

In a recent interview with E! News to promote her new film The Mountain Between Us, the actress was asked if she ever had the “Leo talk” with her husband, Ned Rocknroll, and how she told him she was going on holiday with her long-time pal.

“What do you mean I’m going on vacation?” Kate asked seeming extremely confused.

The interviewer then went on to mention the snaps that surfaced online of her and Leo poolside in St Tropez.

Leo and Kate

“We weren’t on vacation at all,” Kate clarified. “Leo and I – Leo did his annual fundraiser for The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation in St Tropez earlier in July and he and I went together and we auctioned off dinner with Jack and Rose and actually raised $1.35 million. It was extraordinary.”

The friends have split the proceeds and Kate’s portion has gone to help cancer patients who she is helping and the pair were only “together for 19 hours”.

The pair have the most platonic relationship in Hollywood but rumours have been swirling for years that they have more than just a friendship. Sadly not, Kate and Leo have just remained very good friends over the years. They are pictured here at the 2016 Academy Awards together. Source: Getty

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“On holiday with Leo? Oh no I’ve never been on holiday with Leo,” she added.

Leo and Kate truly have the most famous platonic relationship in Hollywood!

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