US host 'forced to watch' producer perform sex act

Natasha Lee

It's everywhere.

That's the message when it comes to sexual abuse in Hollywood from top US talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford, who's revealed she too was victim to an obscene incident involving an unnamed producer.

Kathie, with her co-host Hoda Kotb, revealed her extraordinary story. Source: NBC

The talk show host said the incident occurred early on in her career.

"Early on in my career a producer called me - I knew who he was - and he said 'I just saw you on something, I think you're gonna have a big career and I'd like to meet with you," she said.

A clearly emotional Kathie said the incident left her feeling 'demeaned'. Source: NBC

Kathie said the phone call left her "excited" and she was more than willing to meet with the producer to discuss her future.

"He said not to meet at his office because it was under construction and asked if I minded coming to his house. I had no reason to think not - I didn't know the man personally, I just knew 'of him", she said.

Kathie and Hoda on set of the US TODAY Show. Source: Getty

Speaking on the US version of the TODAY Show, Kathie said that when she got to the man's house the media mogul began masturbating in front of her.

Kathie has been a staple on US TV screens for many years. Source: Getty

Instead of reporting the incident, Kathie said that at the time she was just "happy she wasn't raped".

"That's what you feel like, 'oh it's just that, I can live through that', but you're so demeaned, you feel so dirty and more than anything you know what you feel? You feel stupid," she said.

Kathie and her 'friend' Harvey Weinstein. Source: Getty

Interestingly Kathie also touched upon her relationship with now disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein saying "he's always been fantastic to me".

She continued: "I never say any of thos. I'm not saying it didn't happen. I'm just saying I know a different man, just like I did with Bill Cosby.

News anchor Lauren Sivan. Source: Getty

'It's very upsetting to me on a personal level."

Kathie's masturbation incident echoes that of former news anchor Lauren Sivan, who told the Huff Post about an alleged incident, involving Harvey in which he forced her to watch him masturbate in a restaurant until he ejaculated into a potted plant in the hall.

Harvey's wife Georgina is standing by him. Source: Getty

The journalist says the incident happened when she rejected his advances, telling him she had a boyfriend.

After, she said he turned to her and said, 'Well, can you just stand there and shut up' until after he'd finished touching himself. She told the publication she was 'trapped' by Weinstein’s body in a hallway and was 'intimidated.'

Unfortunately, she felt at the time she couldn't come forward as she feared Weinstein's 'power,' but she did tell several friends.

The journalist has claimed movie producer Weinstein forced her to watch him masturbate. Source: Twitter

Lauren isn't the first woman to come forward since the The New York Times published a series of sexual harassment claims against the movie producer.

It reported he harassed female employees for nearly 30 years and reached at least eight settlements with women to keep his behaviour covered up.

He's filmed with and mingled with some huge celebrities. Source: Getty

Harvey Weinstein has since been sacked after the production company he co-founded discovered 'new information' about his 'misconduct.'

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The 'new information' they're thought to be referring to are the mounting number of women who are now coming forward with their own harrowing detailed allegations.

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