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The 'Firework' singer, who is often noted for her eclectic fashion choices (ice cream sundae dress anybody?), takes a trip to the future of fashion in the July edition of Vogue Italia.

Francesco Carrozzini/Vogue Italia

In a very mod meets futuristic shoot, Katy, 27, donned a white-blonde bobbed wig (an interesting change from her veritable palette of normal hair colours) along with bold black and white eye make-up.

A few of the shots pay homage to Katy's colourful past with pale pink dresses and coats, but the most striking photo features Katy in a black leather full-neck choker and diamond necklace, perhaps a nod to the darker side lurking beneath her candy-pink-pop exterior?

On another note, dare we say the looks are somewhat reminiscent of fellow pop star Lady Gaga?

Credit: Francesco Carrozzini/Vogue Italia

The Vogue Italia shoot is a refreshing change for the starlet, who is currently on a world press tour for her new biopic, 'Katy Perry: Part of Me'. The film takes an honest look at Katy's meteoric rise to the top, and the trials and tribulations a world tour can wreak on a relationship.

'Katy Perry: Part of Me' is in cinemas now.

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